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There are times when you are so overworked that you have no aptitude to actually follow the television schedule and the chances are pretty high that...

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Of MTV, The Buggles and the hit single called the ‘Video killed the Radio Star’!

By the generation that went by:

If you are from the nineties generation, you will probably remember sitting in front of your television set and drooling over the US and the UK chartbusters on a widely famous music channel called the MTV. Chance is that yours must also be like our household where music was a staple when we grew up and irrespective of the fact whether there was somebody watching the idiot box or not, the television ran almost 18 out of 24 hours. The remaining hours it remained shut invariably because as humans we need to also grab some sleep! You can find more info here for telecom help.

A little about the channel:

MTV, which was touted initially and thought very much to be a channel for the youth and also by them was far from just that. It was youthful no doubt and innovative and fun but it appealed to people of all ages. The channel was a trendsetter of the sort and it spurned a lot of copycats after it. But the original somehow stayed original, always and even though there may be some dilution in its viewership, most of them in their hearts knew that their passion for music and all things pop was actually a gift from MTV.


One minute past midnight on first of August, 1981, the world woke up to its first ever 24 hour video music channel. The birth of the channel is responsible for a lot of firsts. It started the trend of making a music video. Before this, music could only be heard on the radio. But now MTV was a platform where musicians sang a song and shot a video for it.

The Original Sound Track of the movies was also showcased and slowly the trend of cutting singles in contrast to an entire album was to become a well followed norm.

Earliest recorded notes tell us the people involved in the setting up of the channel were also slightly skeptical of their idea whether it would take off. They were worried sick what if their content was not good enough to catch people’s attention for 24 hours? There were nerve racking moments where they had to determine what kind of content would get the audience back again and again to them?

The video that debuted:

Call it irony or call it clairvoyance but amusingly, the first video that debuted on the channel was a single called the “The Video Killed the Radio Star.” It was performed by a band called The Buggles.

The band was not a big name in the US then but as soon as they debuted on MTV first day first show, they were catapulted into fame becoming overnight stars who then went on to become a well respected and sought after name in the music industry.

No one ever thought too big about it:

The funniest part was that the people who were responsible for conceptualizing the channel and giving it the head start never thought too much about its success. They say in a sourced email that even though the idea felt new and cool, they did not really think that the audiences will show them so much love and embrace them with all their hearts. Indeed, because in the early 90s era, MTV had a cult-like following and if you were a fellow rebel, you had to like the channel and the good work it was doing.

The first music video:

The Buggles had incidentally performed only once before they shot the video for MTV and that was for the BBC’s show called the Top of the Pops in the year 1979. Two years later, I was beyond their wildest imagination that two years later they would have shot a path breaking video with the Baap of all music channels would make them hugely popular.

The video was shot in one single day and the subsequent day it was aired on the channel.

The iconic video:

Even though The Buggles disbanded sooner than expected over differences between them and following commercial failures, the video is till date remembered to be the most iconic one thanks in part to the last minute edit. The original video had a little girl standing on a pile of radios and because of the girl blasting off. A majority of the creative directors were not for this image and thus the final video that was shot had a scene where the radio pile blasted off and the girl is standing by and watching.

The video has been the predecessor to millions of other creative videos that will give an impetus to the creative genius of thousands of people who will in turn spawn a flourishing industry of its own.

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There are times when you are so overworked that you have no aptitude to actually follow the television schedule and the chances are pretty high that...

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